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Legion x Siryn . Like with most other species of geckos, we have found that lower temperatures have led to longer gestation, but also healthier, larger, more robust offspring. If you primarily breed a different reptile then we will not include you on this list at this time. In addition. I offer: Locust. (If you qualify for this list but are not on it, please contact us to be added), Qualify For The Instagram Honorable Mention List With 1,000+ Followers, Altitude Exotics (11700), Upside Down Geckos (11700),Greeks Geckos(10,600),Kryptiles (9930),Witching Hour Reptiles (9708,Coconut Cake Cresties (9562), Evergreen Geckos (9279), Gecko Junkie (8843),Erin Michelle's Reptiles (8422), Roxy's Cresties (8276), Evolver Reptiles (8151) Corch Geckos (8062), J & R Exotics (7631), Saltwater Geckos (7589), Miami Art Geckos (6298), KDS Geckos (6104), Rockstar Geckos (6045), National Gecko League (6019), Bertopia Geckos (5711), Toronto Gecko Co. (5450), Reptile City Korea (5239), Mostly Just Geckos (5072) Gecko Barracks (4824), Geckovengers (4623),Supreme Gecko(4257), Specialty Herps (3950), Omni Geckos (3928), NCScales (3907) Fireside Geckos (3675), BB's Crested Geckos (3563), Morph Menagerie (3489), Captivating Critters (3366), Geeks & Geckos (2906), The Gecko Geek (2796), Flying Fox Geckos (2773), AC Reptiles (2682), Tenny's Crested Geckos (2616), Scaredy Cat Geckos (2609), Crested Mania (2601), TC Geckos (2582), Flawless Crested Geckos (2518), RepNile Exotics (2499), Geckos In Wonderland (2493), The Crestie Cabin (2470), Match Point Geckos (2413) Austral Gecko (2356), Canvas Geckos (2340) Crestie Addicted (2316), Sticky Claw Geckos (2275), Geckeysiss (2271), Cowajunga (2213), Seraphic Crested Geckos (2206), Sublime Reptiles (2143), Pangea Reptile is one of the authorities when it comes to crested geckos. A female that is ovulating is much more likely to accept a male than one who is not. I am currently only breeding a very selective category of morphs. On average, geckos will only lock up for a few minutes, while others can take what seems like hours to finish up and go their separate ways. Handling a crested gecko at the expo also wont be a problem. Home - Crested Geckos UK Masters of Morph Mixology, Leading the way in the Evolution of Crested Gecko Morphs! At one time, Cresteds were once considered super rare in captivity. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); We are hobbyist reptile breeders based in the Southwest UK offering leopard geckos, crested geckos and blue tongued skinks. appropriate care information so your Geckos have the opportunity to live a long, healthy life. Probably going to hold her back to add to our crested gecko breeder group in 2022. For simple substrate, a reptile carpet is attractive and easily cleaned. We started growing our Crested Gecko collection back in 2011 after realizing these geckos have one of the greatest potentials in the trade when it comes to genetic diversity. For the past few years, weve acquired geckos from a lot of the high-end breeders in the United States and Canada. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); (function() { Snails. listeners: [], Store Email: If you sell to a pet shop, please make sure they provide (and follow!) Lastly, all of ourcrested geckos for sale come with our live arrival and full 7-day health guarantee and ship via UPS or FedEx overnight. says, 'Industry awards are used to showcase a specialty or highlight a quality that competitors dont have.' Let's face it, we all have been screwed by someone in this industry and if not, you at least know 100 people who have. The following breeders sell crested geckos in the UK and have a website where you can find the available crested geckos: You can find a simple list with the name and contact information of crested gecko breeders in the United States in the table below.NameStateContact InformationMountain CrestiesNorth CarolinaSouth CarolinawebsiteGuilts GeckosColoradoFacebookHeartland Crested GeckosIllinoiswebsite. "Our Geckos love them" Art By Heo Kang - Korea for the discerning collector and newcomer alike, Holdback Release: High White MALE [LxS (17-3) (2022-05)], Holdback Release: Colorful, Super White Line Female [WT (2022-04)], Holdback Release: Female from Our #1 Pairing [Pandora (2022-03)], Holdback Release: Colorful, Super White Line Female [WT (2022-06)], Orange White Line Probable Male [YV (17-6) (2022-03)], Probable Female from Proven High White Pairing! Facebook and Instagram users who have an interest in crested geckos are most likely to engage with breeders who have an excellent reputation for producing the best reptiles and making a positive impact on the wider crested gecko community.". This increase in popularity is partly because of their Black, Brown, and banded crickets. All of their crested geckos have been tamed down before becoming available so you can have the best experience possible! It can drop to the low 70s at night. My new interest is in Crested Geckos, I bought my first pair of 100% Het Axanthics in 2019. Our favorite place was a pet store down the hill called Bird World. [Calypso (2022-05)], Prob. Copyright 1998-2023 - Captive Bred Geckos, Chameleons, Turtles, Tortoises, Iguanas, Ball Pythons, Tegus & More. They were black and yellow and red; they had spots and stripes; and they had eyelashes! With a Biologist ON-SITE shop with confidence that youll be purchasing a top quality Crestie. My new interest is in Crested Geckos, I bought my first pair of 100% Het Axanthics in 2019. Five minutes of handling per day for the first few weeks is sufficient to allow your gecko to become used to you and to become less jumpy. Similarly, we offer baby crested geckos for sale, juvenile crested gecko for sale, as well as young adult cresties for sale with the best price anywhere. You can find these breeders by scanning the classifieds in your local newspaper, check out the for sale ads on buy-and-sell sites, or join reptile groups on Facebook to find crested gecko breeders in your area. Larger tanks will allow for better displays. We seem to be constantly in awe of the beautiful animals that are produced each season and thoroughly enjoy keeping and sharing these animals. Inexpensive hygrometers (relative humidity gauges) for use with reptiles are now readily available in the pet trade. So you might have to travel some distance. Love the markings on this little crested gecko He/she will be part of our future crested gecko breeder group , most likely the White outline pinstripe group. We are located on Ilton Business Park, between Taunton and Ilminster in Somerset, UK. Ex Tax: 1,250.00. We only send animals via a licenced courier. Medium sized and typically gentle natured. Discount off multiple purchases - on one order, paid in full. A reptile expo is one of the best ways to meet other reptile lovers and get to know different breeders and sellers. Male from Our #1 Pairing! The number of crested geckos for sale is sometimes limited but you might find exactly what you need.. In this case, you've worked hard and gained more followers than most crested gecko breeders in the world. Thanks for submitting! The crested geckos of Heartland Crested Geckos can range in price from $75 to $1000 for the unique high-end cresties. PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OUR OFFSPRING ARE PRE-SOLD FOR THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE. View More Geckos. Pilea glaucophylla (Artillery Plant) is a hardy plant species perfect for damp to very humid vivaria.. Arcadia Euro Range 5.0% UVB tubes are a great choice UVB bulb for forest species of reptiles or thos.. 21.99 These make great first snakes. Furthermore, when ordering crested geckos for sale from CB Reptile you should expect an animal that has been handled. Because of their ease of care, Crested gecko breeders are offering baby cresties across the USA. To find out more about our retail shop visit our facebook page. Based in Essex, UK, they offer engaging, educational and inspiring experiences with their range of exotic animals and familiar friends. . They have crested geckos for sale in the lower price range ($50) but also have high-end crested geckos that can cost up to $1000. Heat tape is connected to a reptile thermostat to enable proper temperature regulation. In this case, you've worked hard and gained more followers than most crested gecko breeders in the world. My Panther Chameleon is a cricket slayer! Pangea Reptile is also a breeder of crested geckos with a long history. Crested Gecko Water and Humidity learn from the Crested gecko breeder, Just be patient #patience #beardeddragon #bea, #tortoise #tortoises #reptile #reptiles #animal #a, Huge Spring Savings on all Reptiles & Supplies at. Qualify For The Facebook Honorable Mention List With 3,000+ Followers, Supreme Gecko (7825),Lilly Exotics(7477), Rockstar Geckos(6276), Tara Leigh's Cresties (6098), Austral Gecko (5967), Tailspinz Geckos (5755), Guardian Geckos (5750), Crestopia Reptiles (5639), Northern Virginia Gecko (5533), Gilded Geckos (5338), Underground Geckos of Texas (5264), BB's Crested Geckos (5214), Emerald City Cresties (5186), LAC Herps (5043), Sublime Reptiles (4881) Sticky Claw Geckos (4628), Crested Mania (2601), Chasing Cresties (4513), Gecko Haven (4456), Crimson Cresties (4326),Canvas Geckos (3907),The Gecko Alchemist (3829), Hidden Valley Geckos (3773), Crowned Cresties (3750), Flawless Crested Geckos (3678), Krys's Kritters (3656), Crestie Jungle (3633), Cowajunga (3615), Crestie Addicted (3314), Gecko Barracks (3276), Paris Reptiles (3265), Manatee Suncoast Lizards (3185), Gotham Geckos (3046) minimum 3,000 Facebook followers. We are your premier crested gecko breeders of healthy, baby crested gecko for sale. Most crested gecko breeder programs include these pre-prepared diets. About; Crested Gecko Info Crested Gecko Care Morph Guide. Cordylines are a common and recognisable genus of house plant that also make great terrarium plants 11.99 We believe that these geckos, especially Chahoua, make the best captive kept reptiles on the planet. We can be sure to find you the perfect animal! Pet stores or pet shops sell a lot of different animals. See a list of the most expensive crested geckos sold by morph in the US. Ex Tax: 9.99. Cresties thrive when fed these diets exclusively and also can be supplemented weekly with additional protein in the form of crickets dusted with calcium and Vionate vitamin and mineral mixtures, which has been tested with thousands of geckos for more than 10 years.

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